Hanma Investment Group Co., Ltd. (HMI Group) is committed to promoting the industrial revolution of biomass to replace minerals and becoming the world leader in hemp comprehensive application industry. As the leading company in international and domestic hemp industry, HMI Group is opposed to the legalization of all forms of recreational hemp. For years, HMI Group has made positive contribution to the vigorous development of industrial use and medical use of hemp in China and made great achievements in setting industry standards and norms. At present, HMI Group is the legal investment company in China focusing on the whole industrial chain of industrial hemp and the direction of biopharmaceutical.
As a unicorn in the industry, HMI Group focuses on the whole industrial chain investment of industrial hemp, from breeding, planting, extraction, R&D to production and sales worldwidely, covering areas of biopharmaceutical, food, health food, beauty and cosmetics, medical devices, textiles, new materials, etc.
Star Products

HMI Group's water-soluble CBD products are innovative applications of nanotechnology and instant preparation technology to solve the water-soluble problem of CBD. The CBD is decomposed into tiny particles by acoustic wave beam and the formula has been applied for national invention patent.

Product features:

(1) Uniform properties, white powder.

(2) Good stability. After a long-term and accelerated stability test all

items such as its character content and microbial limit showed good stability.