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Hot ! HMI Group Won Two More PCT International Patents for Biopharmaceuticals. 【2022-04-01】 Significant: Hemp Bio-Pharmacy Patent of HMI Group was Officially Authorized in China. 【2021-05-17】 Tan Xin, Chairman of HMI Group: The Investment in Industrial Hemp Follows the "Cocoon Breaking Investment Rule", and "Industrial Hemp+"May be the Benchmark of "Internet Plus" | Industrial Hemp Online Live Broadcast Summit. 【2021-05-11】 Cheng Lianyuan, Member of the Standing Committee of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Kunming Municipal Party Committee, and His Party Visited HMI Group. 【2021-04-26】 Strong Alliance: HMI Group and Tsinghua University Cross-Strait Development Research Institute have Reached Strategic Cooperation. 【2020-12-25】 HMI Group: New Varieties with High Phenol Content are Available, and the Core Competitiveness of the Industry will be Improved and Upgraded! 【2020-10-20】 The Legalization of Industrial Hemp is in Sight, and HMI Group Shares the Policy Dividend with Dezhan Healthcare! 【2020-06-24】 HYBT Water-Soluble CBD 【2020-03-01】 Academician Yang Baofeng's Workstation of HYBT, a Subsidiary of HMI Group, was Rated as Excellent! 【2019-12-17】 Global Times: HMI Group, an In-Depth Development Group under the Strict Control of Industrial Hemp 【2019-08-02】 HMI Group: The First Year of Entering Overseas Market with Independent Intellectual Property Rights 【2019-07-31】 Malaysian Minister of Trade and Industry Visited HMI Group: Practicing "The Belt and Road Initiative" and Building a Better Life in HMI. 【2019-04-25】
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