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Global Times: HMI Group, an In-Depth Development Group under the Strict Control of Industrial Hemp
Release Time:2019-08-02 17:01 Author/Source:HMI Group

Recently, the Global Times published a special report on "China's Cannabis Enterprises See the Wealth Opportunity Behind Strict Control", during which it focused on interviewing Mr. Tan Xin, Chairman of HMI Group, one of the few companies allowed to engage in Industrial hemp -related business in China, and talked about the opportunities and development of China's Industrial hemp enterprises under strict control.

The following is the latest report of Global Times:

Original report (partial screenshot)

Time: July 31, 2019


On the evening of July 31st, Beijing time, Global Times published the report "China's Industrial hemp Enterprises See the Wealth Opportunity Behind Strict Control", which mainly introduced the cultivation, non-anesthesia, daily application and strict management system of Industrial hemp in China. Mr. Tan Xin, the chairman of HMI Group, an international leader and a domestic leader, was invited to participate in this interview.

In this report, Mr. Tan Xin said:

Heilongjiang and Yunnan provinces in China legalize Industrial hemp and the anti-drug department of the Ministry of Public Security issued a license after a rigorous investigation. In order to prevent the illegal use of industrial hemp, the production process involving raw materials and extraction of licensed legal enterprises like HMI Group is closely monitored. More than 300 surveillance cameras are installed on the production line without any blind spots.

Under this strict control, China's industrial hemp still flourishes. Among the 606 patents related to Industrial hemp in the world, China owns 309. Only the patented technology related to Industrial hemp of HMI Group has been applied in the fields of skin care products, textiles, food, beverages and biopharmaceuticals, and has made significant discoveries in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases with cannabidiol.

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A detailed introduction to the Global Times

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Global Times is an international news newspaper sponsored and published by People's Daily, the organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. On April 20th, 2009, the English version of Global Times was founded, which is the second comprehensive English newspaper in China that is distributed nationwide. It is also the only newspaper media that conveys comprehensive news in line with China's basic national conditions to foreign countries. Foreign mainstream media and embassies in China generally pay attention to the Global Times, and they will spread and study the Chinese public opinion reflected by it. In March 2018, Global Times won the honor of "Top 100 Newspapers in 2017".


HMI Group will try its best to write a new glory of industrial hemp in China.


As a benchmark Industrial hemp enterprise in China, Hemp Group has become a business card of the industry, and has been invited by CNBC, Global Times and many other overseas media to report it. As the largest Industrial hemp enterprise under the strict management system in China, HMI Group is more representative and referential to the outside world.

For many years, HMI Group has been committed to legally promoting the development of industrial hemp industry, constantly enriching the types of industrial hemp products within the system, striving to rank among the forefront of the world's industrial hemp market, and making China win the applause of the world in the field of industrial hemp.

In the follow-up, HMI Group will always be committed to promoting the industrial revolution of biomass instead of minerals, and make every effort to become the world leader in comprehensive application of hemp industry!