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Academician Yang Baofeng's Workstation of HYBT, a Subsidiary of HMI Group, was Rated as Excellent!
Release Time:2019-12-17 14:02 Author/Source:HMI Group

Evaluation Results of Academician Workstations issued by Beijing Association for Science and Technology;

Academician Yang Baofeng's Workstation of HYBT, a subsidiary of HMI Group, was rated as excellent!

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On December 12, 2019, Beijing Association for Science and Technology released the assessment results of "2019 Beijing Academician Expert Workstation". According to the Administrative Measures of Beijing Academician Expert Workstation (Trial) and the Detailed Rules for Assessment and Evaluation of Beijing Academician Expert Workstation (Trial), Beijing Association for Science and Technology has established 156 academician expert workstations and 11 academician expert service centers that have been established for one year (before May 2018). Through written material review, field investigation and expert review, 15 academician expert workstations and 3 academician expert work service centers have been well organized, with solid work progress and outstanding innovation achievements, and they were assessed as "excellent". Among them, Academician Yang Baofeng of HYBT, a subsidiary of HMI Group, was rated as excellent.

This picture is taken from the document of Beijing Science and Technology Association.

About HYBT

Han Yi Biotechnology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (HYBT) was established in 2015. It is a national high-tech enterprise set up by HMI Group to enter the biopharmaceutical industry, mainly engaged in cannabinoid-based drug research, technology development and commercial operation. It is also the basic research and application transformation platform in the whole industrial chain of HMI Group, and undertakes the arduous mission of promoting the development of Industrial hemp in the pharmaceutical field.

HYBT invested in the construction of HYBT Institute of Life Sciences, and cooperated with Academician Yang Baofeng, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and a famous pharmacology expert, to set up an academician workstation. At the same time, many well-known professors and experts from home and abroad were invited to cooperate in the station, and a pharmaceutical research platform, a preparation development platform, a phytochemical separation technology research platform and a food and health care product development platform were set up, which laid a solid foundation for the talent reserve of scientific research strength. HYBT actively carries out basic original research work, and conducts research and exploration of cannabinoids in various disease fields, including: intractable epilepsy, pulmonary hypertension, depression, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, pain and a variety of refractory rare diseases, expecting to provide patients with more disease treatment programs. with broad international vision and competitive advantages. Looking forward to the future, HYBT will use the advanced enterprise management concept, and realize its self-worth while creating social value through its own products and technologies that are continuously innovated in the fields of life science and medical care.

HMI group and academician workstation

HMI Group is a legal investment group based on the whole industrial chain layout of industrial hemp and taking biopharmaceuticals as the direction. At the same time, HMI Group has continuously deepened its industry analysis and industrial layout, actively carried out technology and product iteration, devoted itself to researching and implementing the "patent pool" strategy, strengthened the creation and application of intellectual property rights, expanded its social influence by setting up a media information platform, effectively built a global product sales network, and steadily entered the global market.

Over the years, HMI Group has made positive contributions to the legal promotion of the industrial and medical use of Industrial hemp in China, and made great achievements in setting industry standards and norms.

The workstation of Academician Yang Baofeng of HYBT was rated as "excellent" this time. HMI Group expressed its heartfelt congratulations and fully affirmed Academician Yang Baofeng's guidance, saying that it would continue to implement and manage the research and development work in strict accordance with Academician Yang's suggestions. It is also expected that under the leadership of Academician Yang, the application prospect and significance of high value-added components of industrial cannabis plants in biopharmaceutical field will be further explored and explored, and positive contributions will be made to the research and development of Industrial hemp -based drugs and the development of biopharmaceutical industry with independent intellectual property rights in China!