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HYBT Water-Soluble CBD
Release Time:2020-03 17:20 Author/Source:HYBT

HMI Group's water-soluble CBD products are innovative applications of nanotechnology and instant preparation technology to solve the water-soluble problem of CBD. The CBD is decomposed into tiny particles by acoustic wave beam, and the formula has been applied for national invention patent.

Product features:

(1) Uniform properties, white powder.

(2) Good stability. After a long-term and accelerated stability test, all items such as its character, content and microbial limit showed good stability.

(3) Advanced technology. Nano-technology is adopted, and the particle size of CBD is below 50nm after the product is dissolved in water.

(4) High safety. All the auxiliary materials used are pharmaceutical grade, which meet the standards of American Pharmacopoeia and Chinese Pharmacopoeia.

(5) CBD has high drug loading. The content of CBD is 10 ~ 20, which is higher than that of similar products in the market, and can greatly reduce the dosage of single powder.

(6) Dissolve quickly. It can be dissolved quickly in a few seconds when added into water-based medium.

(7) High solubility. Up to 20g CBD can be dissolved per liter of water, which greatly reduces the single dosage of the solution.

(8) The visual effect of the product solution is excellent. It is completely clear and transparent after being dissolved in water.

HYBT -Water-Soluble CBD is oriented to market application, and carries out iterative innovation on products. From daily food to water, beverage and beer, to medicines, health products and dietary supplements, the technical difficulty of products is gradually increasing, and the application value is increasing.

product Technical type application area c haracteristic
first generation Nanomicelle Cosmetics, textiles, food The drug loading of the powder is high, the average particle size of the solution is 30 nm, the highest solution concentration is 16mgCBD/mL, and the solution is clear.
second generation Nanomicelle+secondary inclusion Water, drinks, beer The solution is stable in extremely low concentration (≤5mg/L), high temperature, high humidity and strong light environment, with the highest concentration of 30mg/ml and low production cost.
third generation (plan) Medical technology with high bioavailability, long-acting and slow release Medicine, health products, dietary supplements The bioavailability of the product is further improved, the metabolic rate is further reduced, and a single low-dose administration is realized for epilepsy, depression, pain and other diseases, which is lasting and effective.