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HMI Group: The First Year of Entering Overseas Market with Independent Intellectual Property Rights
Release Time:2019.07.31 11:50 Author/Source:HMI Group

Without intellectual property rights, you can't walk overseas!

— Mr tan Xin, chairman of HMI Group

In 2019, HMI Group acquired TB Company in Nevada, USA, and established ACGT Company as a joint venture in Canada. All of them obtained full licenses for cannabis cultivation, processing and extraction, and officially entered the first year of overseas market development. From laying out overseas markets to obtaining full licenses, HMI Group lasted for three years. During this period, it continuously introduced high-tech talents, upgraded technological innovation concepts, and dug deep into the "patent pool". It successfully made major breakthroughs in the key links of planting, extraction, R&D and processing, and won the reputation at home and abroad. The invention patent of hemp extraction technology of HSBT is authorized in the United States,which clears the intellectual property barrier and paves the way for overseas distribution of HMI Group!

Seize independent intellectual property rights: the first step in overseas market development

In recent years, more than 50 countries around the world have applied for cannabis-related patents. China ranks first in the world, with 35% worldwide applications, totaling 9,402, which is 1.41 times that of the second-ranked United States with 6,664 applications. However, China focuses on the research of hemp fiber preparation and related machinery, and the number of applications for related patents such as hemp extraction and medicinal products is very small. The main reason is that China implements the Industrial hemP standard and lacks research on medicinal cannabis varieties, so it has formed a certain technical control system in the field of extraction and medical cannabis research.

HMI Group is committed to becoming the world leader in the comprehensive application of Industrial hemp industry in the world. In order to form a global competitive advantage in a weak environment, it has invested in the establishment of a life science research institute, and established an academician workstation in cooperation with Academician Yang Baofeng, former president of Harbin Medical University. At the same time, it has hired a number of well-known domestic and international professors and experts to enter the station for cooperation, and set up a number of professional development platforms such as pharmaceutical research platform, pharmacological research platform, preparation development platform, phytochemical separation technology research platform, etc., and increased investment in the blank areas in China such as extraction and medicinal research.

At present, in the extraction process: the CBD cannabinoid extraction process patent of HSBT, a subsidiary of HMI Group, has been authorized by the United States, and the patent name is Method for Extraction Cannabidiol from Industrial hemp, which is the first international patent obtained by Chinese cannabinoid medicinal extraction. In addition, the application for master document of HSBT-CBD drug has also been officially approved by FDA of the United States, becoming the Pioneer Chinese manufacturer to obtain DMF.

In the latest group of samples: American samples, the content of logo is 4mgCBD/100ml, and the measured result is 0.1mg CBD/100ml; In Japanese samples, the mark content is 4.8mgCBD/100ml, and the measured result is 0.2mg CBD/100ml; The content of water-soluble cannabidiol (CBD) in China HMI Group was 4mgCBD/100ml, and the measured result was 3.98mgCBD/100ml. HMI Group has achieved the safety, consistency and stability of its products with absolute technical advantages and quality assurance, which is also the world pass for HMI Group to capture the North American market and develop the global market.