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Strong Alliance: HMI Group and Tsinghua University Cross-Strait Development Research Institute have Reached Strategic Cooperation.
Release Time:2020-12-25 14:37 Author/Source:HMI Group

On December 22, 2020, Beijing Hanyi Bio-technology Ltd. Co (HYBT), a wholly-owned subsidiary of HMI Group, signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Tsinghua University Cross-Strait Development Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as Tsinghua Cross-Strait Development Research Institute). With the help of their respective resource advantages, the two sides carried out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in biomedical fields such as medicinal research of new compounds and new drug development.

HYBT is a high-tech enterprise whose core is the application research, product development and commercialization of Industrial hemp in the fields of biomedicine and health. It is also the core enterprise in the important strategic layout of biopharmaceuticals in the whole industrial chain of Industrial hemp of HMI Group, and undertakes the arduous mission of promoting the development of Industrial hemp in the field of medicine. After years of basic and original research work, Academician Yang Baofeng's expert workstation has obtained the confirmation of the efficacy of cannabinoids in the treatment of epilepsy, depression, cancer pain, Parkinson's syndrome, Alzheimer's disease and other indications. Several new drug projects under research have made progress in stages, and a considerable number of patented cannabinoid technologies are available in China.

Tsinghua Cross-Strait Development Research Institute, as a research and consulting institution set up to serve the national development strategy, gathers high-end talents such as scholars, experts and entrepreneurs from all over the world in the fields of medical care, health care, agriculture and finance. It has comprehensive advantages and extensive channel resources, and can play an active role in high-level scientific and technological research and development, talent exchange and project cooperation.

HYBT and Tsinghua Cross-Strait Development Research Institute have reached an in-depth cooperation direction:

01.Tsinghua Cross-Strait Development Research Institute and HYBT logical Academician Workstation jointly carry out the project declaration and research on medicinal research of degenerative diseases;

02.Cooperate in drug research and development and technical research for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's syndrome and Alzheimer's disease;

03.Explore the integration and innovation mode of Industry-University-Research to promote the development of biomedical field.

This cooperation, the participation of Tsinghua Cross-Strait Development Research Institute will add new energy to the new drug project of HMI Group. During the cooperation period, HMI Group will further increase the investment in scientific and technological talents and science and technology for basic research, and lay a more solid and reliable research foundation for follow-up projects; At the same time, it will provide a wider resource channel for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of academician HYBT-workstation, and speed up the transformation rate of innovative applied technologies. This will effectively promote the close link between industrial hemp industry and biomedical field, and provide innovative assistance for serving the national health strategy!