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Malaysian Minister of Trade and Industry Visited HMI Group: Practicing "The Belt and Road Initiative" and Building a Better Life in HMI.
Release Time:2019-04-25 12:03 Author/Source:HMI Group

In response to the great national "the belt and road initiative" initiative, China Hemp Group welcomed Minister of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia, Mr. Azman, CEO of Malaysia Investment Development Board, Mr. Latiff, CEO of Malaysia Foreign Trade Development Board, and other delegations to inspect and discuss the details of cooperation. Malaysia is expected to become the next legal country of industrial hemp industry, hoping to promote bilateral economic growth and friendship with China Hemp Industry!

On April 24th, minister of international trade and industry of Malaysia Minister YB DATUK DARELL LEIKING, MR. DATO' AZMAN MAHMUD, CEO of Malaysia investment development board, Mr Dato' wanlatiff bin wanmusa, and his delegation visited HMI group. Mr tan Xin, chairman of HMI group, led a team to attend the meeting. Subsequently, the two sides held the theme exchange meeting of "the belt and road initiative, Building a Better Life for Han and Ma".

Talks between the two sides


Both the past Maritime Silk Road and the present bilateral economic and trade relations between Malaysia and China have brought new development opportunities to the enterprises of both sides. With the development opportunity of the new "the belt and road initiative", the friendly relations between Malaysia and China have continued to heat up, and the Malaysian government welcomes more Chinese enterprises to invest in Malaysia. As the leading enterprise of industrial hemp in China, HMI Group's efforts and achievements are obvious to all around the world. The Malaysian government invites HMI Group, as an international consultant for the development of industrial hemp industry in Malaysia, to provide guidance on the promotion of local industrial legislation and industrial construction, and to actively promote Malaysia to become the next legalized country for industrial hemp, and the vigorous development of hemp industry in Malaysia, to promote the current and future application of CBD and hemp-based formulas and related products in health, daily chemical and fiber fields, and to promote the economic and trade cooperation and technical exchange between Malaysia and China in the direction of industrial hemp industry.

The Malaysian Investment Development Authority specially presented a gift to HMI Group to express sincere, friendly and cooperative exchanges.

Tan Xin, Chairman of HMI Group, said:

I am very grateful to the Malaysian government for giving high attention and affirmation to HMI Group, and I am honored to be invited by the Malaysian government to participate in the legislative policy reform and industrial construction of local Industrial hemp . HMI Group has been committed to the breeding, planting, extraction, R&D, production and sales of industrial hemp all over the world. The industry covers biopharmaceuticals, food, health products, beauty cosmetics, medical devices, textiles, new materials and other fields. HMI Group is willing to share its achievements and technical advantages in the whole industrial chain of industrial hemp with the Malaysian government to help legalize industrial hemp in Malaysia and create a benign and stable industrial environment.

Finally, Mr. Tan Xin, Chairman of HMI Group, said that he accepted the invitation of the Malaysian government, and will visit Malaysia in the near future for investigation and exchange, landing cooperation projects, and promoting economic growth and friendship between China and Malaysia with the help of industrial hemp industry.

Left:Mr.Tan Xin,Chairman of HMI Group,right: Mr.YB DATUK DARELL LEIKING,Minister of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia

After this exchange meeting, HMI Group will serve as the international consultant of the Malaysian government on industrial hemp industry, and provide advice and suggestions for the promotion of local legislation on industrial hemp industry in Malaysia. In the follow-up, the two sides will jointly set up Industrial hemp associations and industrial companies, and lay out Industrial hemp cultivation, extraction, research and development and other sectors.