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The Most Detailed Post in the History of Vaporizer: Everything You Need to Know About Vaporizer (Part One)
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From the point of view of bioavailability, Vaporized CBD is the most worthy of consideration. According to the investigation of authoritative organizations, atomized CBD is indeed the most promising product embodiment at present.
What do we really know about Vaporized? Definition of Vaporized? Development history? Type? Heating method? Vaporized material? Temperature control? Heating time? Power settings? Warranty period? Price level? What is the situation of cannabis products?
A stone stirred up a thousand waves, and at the request of the Muggles, Dr. vapor.com took a heart-to-heart look at it, sharing the most detailed post in the history of Vaporized, everything you need to know about Vaporized, and looking forward to working with you to find the strongest cannabis Vaporized in history from various parameters of Vaporized:

1. Introduction of Vaporized

Vaporizeds, or well-known vapes, are electronic devices designed to release active ingredients and therapeutic compounds of desired plant materials or extracts. The Vaporized heats the dried herb or concentrates it below the burning point, which only releases the taste and effect of the material and hardly produces smoke.
Since no plant substances or concentrates are burned, users will not consume any potential carcinogens. A study by the University of California, San Francisco published in the Journal of the American Academy of Neurology in 2007 found that "there is almost no contact with harmful combustion products when using atomization devices", while a study conducted by researchers at Leiden University in 2006 found that the Vaporized is a "safe and effective cannabinoid delivery system". The research shows that the amount of THC released by Vaporized is equal to that released by smoking. It is more delicious and smoother than atomized smoke, which makes the whole experience of users more pleasant and comfortable.
Two types of Vaporizeds are desktop and portable. Desktop is a powerful fixed device designed for home users, while portable electronic cigarette is designed for consumption anytime, anywhere. With the progress of Vaporized technology, some portable devices can now reach the atomization quality of desktop Vaporized. The differences between portable and desktop electronic cigarettes will be further solved later.

2.The development history of Vaporized

Now, let's look at the history of Vaporized and see how it got to the present situation.

1. Timeline of Vaporized In 440 BC, Herodotus described how the ancient Scythians often threw dried herbs on hot stones to form atomization baths.
In 1960s, Herbert A. Gilbert submitted a patent for the first Vaporized, which he called "smokeless" equipment.
In 1990s, Cherokee doctor Eagle Bill Amato invented Eagle Bill Shake & Vape, which was the first popular portable Vaporized for hay.
Storz & Bickel released Volcano in 2000, which is the first Vaporized with advanced functions, manufacturing quality and atomization production to reach mainstream popularity.
PAX Labs was established in San Francisco in 2007. Because of its ultra-fashionable design and excellent conductivity, PAX Vaporizer has completely changed the portable hay electronic cigarette.
Grenco Science was established in Los Angeles in 2011. Grenco's G Pen is the first e-cigarette with a fuel tank designed for concentrate.
In 2018, Dr. Dabber produced Dr. Dabber Switch, the first available induction Vaporized. When using induction heating, Dr. Dabber eliminated the need for Vaporized and introduced a new heating system, which may become the new standard of desktop Vaporized.

2. Important historical nodes of Vaporizeds Although today's Vaporizeds have a modern look and feel, these devices actually originated from ancient history. Herodotus, an ancient Greek historian, wrote in 440 BC that the ancient Scythians sprinkled dried herbs on hot stones to make atomized baths. Although it's not clear whether the Scythians threw "special" herbs on the stones, it's still surprising to know that the existence of devices like Da Vinci MIQRO is partly due to the practice first recorded thousands of years ago.
In 1927, when Joseph Robinson obtained the patent of "electronic cigarette", the Vaporized first appeared. Robinson never managed to commercialize the device, and may not even have a prototype yet, but the desire to introduce the Vaporized into the world has now vanished. In 1965, Herbert A. Gilbert obtained the first patent for a device similar to the electronic cigarette we think of today. Unlike Joseph Robinson, he actually made a prototype, but just like Joseph Robinson, he couldn't commercialize his works. Gilbert claimed that his product failed because the company wanted to wait for the patent to expire instead of licensing his product, but it was not clear whether consumers had the demand for e-cigarettes at that time.
The innovation of Vaporized remained dormant until 1990s, when Cherokee medical scientist Eagle Bill created the most successful dry herb Vaporized at that time, Eagle Bill Shake and Vape Pipe. Eagle Bill's goal is to bring atomization to everyone, and his achievements paved the way for the arrival of Vaporized. This early electronic cigarette is very simple. The user puts the dried herbs into a glass bulb, and then heats the bottom of the bowl until atomization occurs. If users want more atomization, they just need to gently shake this piece, hence the name Shake and Vape. The success of Eagle Bill Shake and Vape Pipe has aroused consumers' interest in atomization, although it will take ten years for the next wave of innovation to sweep the market.
In 1996, Markus Storz developed Volcano Vaporizer in his basement using a hot-air gun. Volcano was originally developed for the medical community. It uses a "forced air heating system", which pushes hot air towards the material to produce atomized flow, which is stored in a balloon bag with a blowing nozzle. Two years after Storz completed his first prototype, the patent of Volcano balloon bag was registered. The world of smoking will never be the same again.

Storz introduced Volcano to the European market in 2000, which was praised by consumers. Seeing the potential of success, Jugen Bickel joined Storz in 2002, thus forming Storz & Bickel. In 2003, the first batch of 110v equipment was launched for the American market, and the company expanded rapidly. Volcano's medical-grade materials and quality management system made their company the first batch of medical Vaporized certification in history, which consolidated Storz & Bickel's position as a true pioneer in atomization field.
Although desktop Vaporizeds are booming, hay users lack reliable portable options. PAX Labs was established in San Francisco in 2007, with the goal of creating an exquisite portable dry herb Vaporized. The first PAX Vaporized opened consumers' eyes to the new possibility of portable hay e-cigarette, just as Volcano Vaporizer did for home users. With fashionable and careful design, PAX has opened portable e-cigarettes to more audiences. Besides elegant appearance and feeling (the first model was inspired by the simplicity of iPod), PAX also provides users with first-class conduction heating.
James Monsees, CEO of PAX Labs, said that their design was inspired by consumers. "Functionality doesn't just mean that something will be turned on or heated or atomized." Monsees said. "Functionality means that components are suitable for their human-machine interfaces, buttons are obvious in their functions, or just don't exist, knobs and indicators take the absolute level of simplicity and necessity, all of which are done while pushing the possible limits from an engineering point of view."

As of 2007, hay atomization is in full swing for portable and household use, but what about concentrated users? Grenco Science saw the need for more reliable mobile centralized use, and decided to do something about it. Founded in 2011, they are the first company to sell atomization cans designed for concentrated solutions. Drawing on PAX's design manual, all nebulizers of Grenco can be easily integrated into daily life. Simple black silhouette and serious operation make it possible for users to explore enrichment. Most, if not all, portable concentrated pens are due to Grenco Science.
The Vaporized industry is a constantly changing field. In 2018, a brand-new heating system suddenly appeared. Two main heating systems, conduction and convection, have been briefly introduced above, but the third system looks up: induction heating. Induction is the process of heating conductive objects by the heat generated by eddy current. This means that the heat is generated inside the object, not from the external source, which means that there is no contact with the heat source in the process of induction atomization. Dr. Dabber integrated this heating system into the SWITCH Vaporized, which uses a large coil to generate electromagnetic waves and heat the "induction cup" to atomize dried herbs or concentrates. Heating only exists in SWITCH, but the success of this desktop Vaporized opens the possibility of manufacturing more induction Vaporizeds in the next few years.

3.The type of Vaporized

Two types of Vaporizeds are desktop and portable. Bench Vaporized is the first batch-produced hay Vaporized to enter the mainstream. Their efficient heating system can filter out irritants and provide more temperature control during use. These products are first used for medical purposes.
Portable Vaporized has been very popular in the past few years. Vape pen is the most cautious and easy to use of these devices. They heat up quickly and usually provide one-button control. The portable Vaporized itself is more powerful than the pen electronic cigarette, and it can better control the temperature selection and how users can enjoy the effect and taste of their preferred materials.
E-Nail Vaporizeds belong to two categories. These devices provide huge cracks in the concentration rig, but do not require users to burn their materials. They provide convenient electric heating. Some of these Vaporizeds are portable and have atomization production similar to that of a drilling rig.

1) Whip type uses "whip" (rubber tube) to promote atomization consumption; Breathe hot air through the dried herbs; The first convection Vaporized.
2) the compressed air built-in fan pushes the hot air into the chamber; Fill the balloon bag with atomization for easy carrying or sharing; It was popularized by the iconic volcanic Vaporized.
3) Electronic armour does not need a flashlight; Allow platform users to reset their preferred temperature to zero; It is much safer than heating nails with flame; Portable model allows you to use it from anywhere.
4) Multifunctional whip and balloon filling options are provided; Including possible forced ventilation function; Integrated unit.

1) Pen-type rapid heating time, usually between 5 and 15 seconds; Can be put in a pocket and hidden; Some products offer variable voltage.
2) Mobile Vaporized is more powerful than pen Vaporized; Higher atomization quality but still easy to carry; Most products offer variable voltage or accuracy; Temperature control.

4. Heating mode of Vaporized

There are three main heating modes of Vaporized: conduction, convection and induction. Your preferred heating method will be based on your atomization needs. If you are a user who often goes out, then conduction vape will provide you with the fastest heating time. On the other hand, convection heating releases more flavor and effect with less smoke. Finally, induction provides extremely stable and accurate temperature.
1. conduction heating
Through conductive atomization, herbal materials are in direct contact with a heat source to produce atomization. Early desktop Vaporizeds used this method, although it is no longer common.
Heating method information diagram

Most wax and pen Vaporizeds use this atomization method. When the plant material comes into direct contact with the heating element, it will be atomized and then inhaled by the user through the suction nozzle. Although this atomization method can shorten the heating time, if used improperly, it will also lead to combustion.
2. Convective heating
By convection atomization, herbal materials will not directly contact with heat sources. Instead, atomization is achieved by passing heated air through the material to extract active ingredients.
Convection heating method information diagram

Because the desktop equipment is the only equipment using this method, the types of convection Vaporizeds have been greatly expanded. There are a variety of portable Vaporizeds for dried herbs and concentrates, which have convection heating function and can provide you with unprecedented flavor quality. This is the preferred heating method for people who want to get the strongest flavor from the material.
3. Induction heating
Induction is similar to convection in that your material is not in direct contact with the heating element. Atomization is realized by heating the conductive object by the heat generated by eddy current inside the object.
Induction heating method information diagram

Although not as popular as convection or conduction, induction heating is a new atomization method, which can give you the best of both worlds. Incredibly fast heating time combined with oxygen-free environment can extract 100% flavor of materials.
The best induction Vaporized is actually one of the first batch production equipment. Dr. Dabber SWITCH brings a large number of temperature choices, and can atomize dry herbs and concentrates at the same time.

5. Atomizing materials of Vaporized

What can you smoke?
In terms of atomization, a variety of materials can be used, including hay, concentrate and electronic juice. The atomized material will affect the Vaporized you want to use, because not all e-cigarettes are suitable for every substance. When people know what they plan to evaporate most frequently, it is easier for them to decide to use e-cigarettes.

1. dried herbs
Hay leaf
And dried and solidified plant materials.
Different temperatures release different effects and flavors.
Switch to 300°F for a calmer effect and 430°F for a stronger experience

2. Hay concentrate
Consists of compounds extracted from dried herbs. Enjoy all the special parts of dried herbs without any additional and unusable plant substances;
Because of the higher percentage of psychoactive ingredients, the effect is stronger than that of dried herbs;
The ideal temperature range is 325°F for a more delicious experience. Switch to 400°F to get the full effect of concentrated solution.

3. E-juice/E-liquid
Liquids used in electronic cigarettes;
Some flavoring liquids may contain nicotine;
Vaporizeds for e-juice/-e-liquid are sometimes called "mods" because they have customized functions;
Has a higher temperature range.

4. Benefits of using a grinder. Good grinding of dry hay is a key step in enjoying the Vaporized, because it should be enjoyed. Before the Vaporized appeared, users of dried herbs had to use scissors or fingers to decompose dried herbs, resulting in damage to household tools or sticky fingers. Fortunately, with the advent of Vaporized, grinder has been considered as an important tool for any dry herb conversation. There are many kinds of grinders, so focus on the two most popular ones.
1) Types of grinders The most common hay grinders used for atomization are 2-piece grinders and 4-piece grinders. Two-piece grinder is the simplest grinder available. They are the most cautious, only the top and bottom. Hay is somewhere in between. In some hand cranks, you can grind hay.

The 4-piece grinder goes deeper. There is a top compartment where dried herbs are initially placed. After grinding, the dried herbs will fall into the middle compartment and be separated from the bottom compartment by a screen. This sieve sifts out pollen from the outside of dried herbs for preservation and storage for later use.

2) Ideal Vaporized grinding If you spend a lot of money on tools, you want to make sure you use it correctly, right? In order to make full use of your Vaporized, you need to start with good grinding and packaging. Grinding dried vanilla and loading it in the right way can make atomization richer, stronger and smoother than unground dried vanilla. Different heating methods of Vaporized work better under different consistency.
Users of dried herbs who like conductive Vaporized will want to grind dried herbs as fine as possible. In a conductive heating system, dried herbs are heated by direct exposure to heating elements. The finer the grinding, the more particles will come into contact with the hot surface. Stuffing your hay tighter into the oven will help heat transfer and prevent you from having to turn on the Vaporized and stir the hay to make sure they are all atomized.
For those who are convection-oriented, medium and fluffy grinding is the best way. Heat the dried herbs to the circulating superheated air, so you need to maximize the indoor airflow. If you use fine grinding, the air flow will be restricted because the dried herbs are very tight. Finding a grinder that can grind hay can maximize the ability of convection e-cigarettes. This makes the hot air have more contact surface area, thus ensuring that 100% hay is atomized. There is no ideal grinding method for induction Vaporized. The electromagnetic field will atomize any herb that is dry on the ground in the same way.

6. Temperature control of Vaporized

Controlling the temperature of Vaporized is the key to achieve the most efficient atomization production. Herbs will begin to release their active ingredients within a certain range, and if the herbs are not warm enough, they will not form atomization. Or, if the temperature rises too much, the herbs will burn out, thus destroying the whole purpose of atomization.
There are Vaporizeds with digital displays, which can provide you with accurate electronic cigarette temperatures, and those with preset temperatures. These lamps have different colors of light assigned to their respective temperature levels.
1. General desktop and E nail temperature control

The desktop Vaporized of volcano digital Vaporized with display lamp will have the preset temperature or precise temperature control selected by the manufacturer, where the temperature is selected by the user. In the first model of Storz & Bickel's revolutionary Volcano Vaporizer, the rotating dial allows users to choose between 9 different settings, allowing slight changes in temperature. Later, in their lineage, Storz & Bickel produced a Volcano digital display model with buttons, which allowed users to select the temperature at which they wanted to atomize and dry herbs, also known as precise temperature control.
Dr. Dabber SWITCH uses a photometer to help distinguish the temperature level. Each of the 25 available temperatures has a different number of colored lights assigned to them. Most desktop devices have completely accurate temperature control with a digital reading of your chosen temperature.
E-Nails specializes in precise temperature control, so that users can fully control their centralized use.

2. Temperature control of portable Vaporized

Portable Vaporized has similar difference between temperature display and desktop equipment. Again, this will come down to the user's personal preference. Two different heating methods are preset temperature or precise temperature control.
Portable Vaporizeds with preset temperatures usually have a one-button control function, which makes them easier to use than precision temperature devices. The user will click the button to start the Vaporized and switch the temperature options. The preset temperature is optimized for the most popular atomization curve: low temperature for flavor and high temperature for fog. This style is suitable for those who want to use it quickly without thinking too much about their temperature choice.
With a portable Vaporized with precise temperature control, you can choose the temperature that suits you. These e-cigarettes usually have "up" and "down" buttons to help you switch between temperatures. A wider range of temperature options means that you can explore different flavor characteristics and customize the session for flavor, size or packing density. Most portable Vaporizeds are equipped with LED displays to help you monitor the temperature.

3. Electronic cigarette pen temperature control

KandyPens Amber Rose Vape Pen
Most e-cigarette pens will be operated by one-button control. The small size and stylish design of these Vaporizeds are designed to be convenient to use on the road, and one-button control provides the fastest and most serious way to provide atomization.
Just because vape pens have one-touch buttons doesn't mean they can't have multiple temperatures. If the vape pen has an optimized temperature, your experience will be relaxed. Just click a few times to turn on the device, and then hold down the button while inhaling atomization. For e-cigarette pens with variable voltage batteries that can provide multiple temperatures (usually 3), the user will turn on the e-cigarette and then click the button several times to switch temperatures.
Compared with portable Vaporized and desktop device, the temperature range of Vape pen is limited because they pay attention to portability.
4. Optimum temperature of atomization.
The standard temperature range of atomized herbs is between 350 and 375, but each Vaporized is different and has its own optimal temperature. It takes some work to find the perfect temperature, and it will change with the specific material being atomized. Drier herbs start to atomize at a lower temperature, while wetter herbs need more heat to produce steam.
Starting at a lower temperature and slowly increasing it will release a series of effects, because each increase will atomize different active ingredients. Everyone has their own personal preferences, which should be regarded as a guide to find the best temperature.

7. The heating time of Vaporized

While choosing the temperature control, it is best to consider how long the Vaporized will be ready for use from cold to hot. The heating time of each Vaporized is different. However, pen devices are usually the fastest, followed by other portable devices, and then desktop devices (which require more power).

8. Power supply of Vaporized

There are several different design factors that determine how the heat source of the Vaporized receives power. Eventually, it will be realized by plug-in or battery.

1. Insert

The wall-mounted Vaporized plug-in is directly inserted into the wall socket, and is usually only used for desktop Vaporizeds; Some desktop or portable Vaporizeds will have a "straight-through" charging function, allowing the device to be used during charging.

2. Battery

Vaporized graphic battery-powered Vaporized is usually a portable or pen-type device; Portable Vaporizeds usually have batteries that are easy to replace; Most battery-powered Vaporizeds have built-in batteries installed in the device. Some external batteries are used, which means that you need to press the battery on the connection to start heating the Vaporized.

9. Warranty period of Vaporized

For Vaporizeds, the length of warranty period may vary greatly. Usually, desktop Vaporizeds have the longest warranty period because they are designed to stay in one place. However, some portable devices, such as Magic Flight, are guaranteed for life. Make sure you fully understand the warranty terms before purchasing.
Vaporized warranty information chart

When considering the warranty period, check the actual coverage of Vaporized. Not every component (such as glassware or Vaporized) must be protected by warranty. If anything is damaged or burned out, you can buy these add-ons.
For Vaporizeds, the length of warranty period may vary greatly. Usually, desktop Vaporizeds have the longest warranty period because they are designed to stay in one place. However, some portable devices, such as Magic Flight, are guaranteed for life. Make sure you fully understand the warranty terms before purchasing.

10. Price level of Vaporized

1st gear: less than $50
If you are looking for portable e-cigarettes or e-cigarette pens, this is the category for you. Or hay concentration users can check out our selection of affordable Vaporizeds, which are ideal for using e-cigarettes on the road. Most of these products will be heated by conduction.

File 2: USD 50-100
Users who want more flexibility in temperature and upgrade warranty can find what they need in the category of $50-$100. With the expansion of the application range of mobile Vaporizeds, top brands have created portable e-cigarettes and e-cigarette pens with better performance than their price range. In this price range, you will see convection heating as an option for Vaporized.

3rd gear: USD 100-200
This is the price range that will start to see available desktop Vaporizeds. Most Vaporizeds in this category will make use of convection heating and precise temperature control.

File 4: 200-300 USD
If you like the Vaporized and are ready to plunge into it, the range of $200-$300 won't disappoint users. The devices available in this category provide users with the first "elite" atomization choice. $200 to $300 desktop or portable Vaporized comes with high-quality building materials, advanced features and enhanced warranty.

5th gear: $300+
Any Vaporized purchased over $300 has unparalleled atomization quality, structure and warranty options. Most Vaporizeds that cost more than $300 are desktop computers, including the iconic Volcano Vaporizer and the groundbreaking Dr. Dabber SWITCH. Before purchasing this level, it is important to fully understand the atomization requirements and the operation mode of Vaporizeds in this price range.

in conclusion

This article is the most detailed post in the history of nebulizer, which is copied and coded by doctors at the request of Muggles. I hope lovely Muggles have a deep understanding of the definition, development history, type, heating method, atomizing materials, temperature control, heating time, power supply setting, warranty period and price level of nebulizer. Then we have a professional and unique perspective to discover and recognize the product situation of cannabis nebulizer, and look forward to working with you in the next issue.